Mr. Brock has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice, a Master of Arts degree in Negotiations and Conflict Management, and a Juris Doctor Law degree.


Mr. Brock is well respected as a personable, yet tenacious lawyer by his clients,

legal peers, and opposing counsel.


     Steven J. Brock is our law firm's founder and managing attorney, and he brings a great deal of experience, professionalism, integrity,and compassion to our firm.  Mr. Brock is a tenacious advocate and he demands that the law firm provides the highest level of values-driven legal services to all our clients. 


     Mr. Brock began his legal career volunteering with the Legal Aid Society of Orange County, and helped those who could not otherwise afford legal services.  He has volunteered to help victims of domestic violence and continues to do so without charge to those individuals.  His legal background was also enhanced by many years of legal work as a member of a prominent, AV-rated Los Angeles area law firm specializing in public and private sector employment law matters, with a focus on police, fire, and civilian employees. Mr. Brock has provided legal services to individuals, class-action members, and businesses.  He has also served as General Counsel for corporations, businesses, and employee unions.  Mr. Brock has handled State and Federal legal matters at the administrative (pre-court), trial court, and appellate court levels.  Essentially, Mr. Brock handles matters from start to finish.


     Mr. Brock has a tremendous amount of trial experience and is respected by peers and opposing counsel. He has often been complimented as an "evidence tactician" because of his methodical and analytical approach in presenting his client's legal issues. He has consulted with thousands of clients on a variety of issues and has successfully used his experiences to assist clients from a vast array of backgrounds. He has a track record of success, a no-nonsense approach to resolving legal issues, and is a true problem-solver. His critical thinking and analysis of legal matters, combined with a true compassion for the human spirit, make him a sought-after client advocate and peer advisor.


      Mr. Brock has represented and handled employee-employer matters for more than 40 years in both private and public employment settings.  Mr. Brock is a recognized expert and certified instructor in many fields including the Leadership and Command curriculum developed and taught at the United States Military Academy at West Point.  He has taught, analyzed, and developed programs for personnel development and promotions, police tactical operations, officer-involved shootings, and supervisory and leadership.  Mr. Brock holds Advanced, Supervisor, and Management P.O.S.T. Certificates, and is a California licensed Private Investigator and California Notary Public.


     Mr. Brock has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice, a Master of Arts degree in Negotiations and Conflict Management, and a Juris Doctor Law degree.  He is admitted and licensed to practice law in the State of California, the United States District Court for the Central District of California, United States District Court for the Northern District of California, United States District Court for the Southern District of California, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.  Mr. Brock is a member of The State Bar of California, State Bar Labor and Employment Law Section, American Bar Association, Consumer Attorneys of California, Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, and Los Angeles County Bar Association. 


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